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Who is she?

Judit Fehér is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer based in Budapest. Inspired by the humanistic and holistic approaches of her teachers at both primary and secondary school, she decided to become a teacher herself. After a first degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, her postgraduate studies focused on curriculum and syllabus design. Further specialised work followed on mentoring and testing and evaluation, and she continued to pursue professional training, gaining ELT qualifications from Trinity College and LCCI.

Judit has many years of experience teaching students in a variety of subject areas, including Business, Medicine IT, Global Education and the Arts, which has enabled her to develop considerable expertise as a CLIL trainer. She has worked in the UK and Hungary as a teacher trainer for Pilgrims, British Study Centres and Conzervum, and is recognised as an expert in CLIL, creative methodology,  project-based learning and materials writing. Her teaching materials, intended primarily for high school students, aim at teaching the language through meaningful and engaging content and supporting learners using a variety of approaches, task types and alternatives.  In 2019-2020, she worked on the digital edition of one of her coursebooks as a digital editor. Her most recent project is “EU4Art” (2022-2023) with the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Judit’s major areas of interest include creativity, the arts, project-based learning, materials writing and CLIL. She has worked with learners at various age levels, from small children to adults, though she feels more at home with teenagers and young adults, as she can exchange ideas and opinions with them at a more complex level. Judit describes HLT as basically being part of her lifestyle: to never stop learning and reflecting on her own practice as a teacher; fully engaging with the people and the teaching materials and bringing the two together using a variety of methods. Apart from interests related to teaching, Judit likes exercise – swimming, dancing, fast walking, which she describes as forms of relaxation for her. She also writes poems and prose as a way of experiencing and thinking.

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Judit Fehér

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Place in HLT

Judit isn’t just a colleague; she is a dear professional friend of mine. We have shared both work and a house on more than one occasion and I have had the privilege of witnessing her incredible journey as a versatile and experienced teacher, trainer and writer, driven by a profound passion for education, creativity and language teaching. With a wealth of expertise in her field and an unwavering commitment to pioneering teaching methods, she is a true professional in her craft.
Judit’s approach to education is deeply humanistic. She never loses sight of her students or trainees as individuals, making her a truly Humanistic Teacher.
Throughout her career, Judit has assumed various professional roles, each contributing to her multifaceted skill set. Her primary area of specialisation encompasses secondary education, creativity, incorporating the power of music and art, materials development and CLIL.
At the core of Judit’s teaching philosophy is a quest to unearth the essence of creativity and leverage it as a catalyst, transforming ordinary classroom activities into captivating and profoundly educational experiences. She is a firm believer in empowering students to become active participants in their own educational journey. Judit is a trailblazer who explores ideas and techniques inspired by the rich world of music, seamlessly adapting them to language teaching. This infusion of creativity and imagination enriches language activities, making the learning process engaging and harmonious.
In her tireless pursuit of educational excellence, Judit not only develops her own courses but also fine-tunes content to cater to the unique needs of her participants. She excels in the art of transforming mundane, routine exercises into exciting and creative tasks stimulating critical thinking and fostering active student participation.
There is a distinctive personal quality and a high degree of congruence to all Judit’s work, whether as teacher, trainer or writer. Her colleagues and students alike benefit from her expertise, creativity and unwavering dedication to the art of effective language teaching. With Judit as your guide, you discover the limitless possibilities of innovative and transformative education.

— Marta Bujakowska
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