HLT.digital: Humanising the coursebook: uneasy co-existence or creative partnership?

This online webinar was broadcasted from Norwich, UK, organized and hosted by the TransformELT and was attended only by online participants. The event introduced specific content, that is relevant for all teachers across various educational institutions – coursebooks and showcased the project website, two online tools and how they can be used. The event featured five speakers, followed by a 45-minute panel discussion involving all presenters and engaging questions from the audience. The total duration of the event was 4 hours.

Regardless of our beliefs regarding placing students at the forefront of the learning experience, valuing emergent language, and the necessity of customizing resources to meet individual needs, the reality remains that most teachers in various educational settings are required to utilize coursebooks. In this webinar, the speakers delved into effective strategies for forming partnerships with coursebooks, while also showcasing the practical applications of the project website and its two key results: a database of profiles of Humanizing Language Teaching (HLT) practitioners and a collection of videos featuring their teaching methodologies. These resources were designed to empower educators with insights into innovative teaching practices, providing alternatives to the demotivating repetition and implicit assumptions often found in traditional coursebooks.

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