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Mario Rinvolucri
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Article 1: "Fifteen Precepts for Humanistic Teaching": Rinvolucri shares 15 precepts inspired by humanistic teaching principles, which emphasize clear communication, recognizing individual perspectives, valuing self-expression, and fostering a supportive learning environment. The precepts advocate for student-centered approaches, embracing mistakes as learning tools, and acknowledging diverse intelligences. The article encourages a positive and engaging teaching style while celebrating the unpredictability of lessons. Article 2: "The Timid Revolutionaries": Rinvolucri discusses the groundbreaking insights from the Cancorde Oral Corpus. The article challenges traditional approaches to understanding oral English, proposing a discourse grammar centered on personal relationships between speakers. The Cancorde team advocates for a new meta-language to describe this discourse grammar, highlighting the inadequacy of existing grammatical frameworks. Rinvolucri questions why the significant discoveries from Cancorde have not been widely publicized and explores the implications for EFL teaching.
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