El uso razonable de la L1 en el aula de L2 en educacion primaria: una herramienta practica

Mario Rinvolucri.
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    Mario Rinvolucri.
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In his text, Mario Rinvolucri advocates for a balanced language teaching approach, emphasizing the strategic use of the first language (L1) in second language (L2) instruction. Practical exercises like mimicking and dictation engage students at various proficiency levels. The significance of voice modulation, addressing tempo, volume, and directionality, is highlighted. Rinvolucri asserts the impactful role of a teacher's voice, urging educators to be mindful of its influence. The text challenges traditional dictation methods, encouraging varied techniques. It explores the emotional impact of voice directionality on learners, whether from the front or back of the classroom. The conclusion prompts teachers, including Rinvolucri, to recognize and leverage the power of their voices for effective language instruction.
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