To preserve and share the work, knowledge and experience of HLT practitioners who inspire language teaching and learning today

About HLT.Digital

Humanistic language teaching (HLT) is an approach that places the whole person at the centre of the learning process. Its influence on global classroom practices began over fifty years ago with the publication, that explored language learners┬┤ feelings and experiences.

We are creating a simple map of HLT for users to get inspiration for further study. We believe it is important to capture information and various materials and make them widely available for current and future generations of language teachers to study, explore and build on. There will be three main parts of the web:

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The gallery of HLT practitioners will introduce some expert teachers through their profiles, links to articles, lists of published books etc.
HLT practitioners will answer questions on various teaching topics and interviews about HLT and their work.
A large number of digitised ELT methodologies, materials and practical exercises written by renowned HLT pioneer Mario Rinvolucri.
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