The Strange World of EFL Testing: Has psychology no place in testing?

Mario Rinvolucri.
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    Mario Rinvolucri.
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    It's For Teachers
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Mario Rinvolucri critiques language testing, spotlighting its disregard for the psychological impact on test-takers, drawing parallels with Lewis Carroll's surreal world. He explores personal experiences and anecdotes, emphasizing the diverse psychological effects of major exams. Rinvolucri delves into cognitive aspects, highlighting students' tendency to adopt a "mistakes avoidance" mindset, hindering linguistic creativity. Lamenting the absence of humanistic voices in EFL testing literature, he calls for a shift in perspective. The article proposes two humanistic tests for writing, emphasizing relational aspects. Rinvolucri explores past experiments in humanizing testing, urging a reconsideration of practices to address psychological factors and promote learner autonomy.
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